Delivering Exceptional Results

Our mission is to ensure we deliver exceptional results for you in a timely
and stress-free way…simple!

Our Mortgage Brokers

Have Your Best Interests at Heart

All our Mortgage Brokers adhere to a simple yet comprehensive 7 step process that ensures every aspect is covered. Given only 5-10% of Australian’s have a conversation with a Finance Professional on an annual basis, it is critical for our Mortgage Brokers to be able to handle a broad range of issues our clients may face. We have a simple yet important philosophy of leaving our clients in their “Optimal Financial Position” after dealing with us.


Because your Mortgage Broker doesn’t just use one or two lenders there is a lot of work involved in ensuring you have the right loan for today and also for the longer term. Along with this, your Mortgage Broker will negotiate with their Lender partners to ensure they maximise every dollar you have to spend.

Understanding our clients

More than just analysing numbers, we take the time to truly understand you, your family and your unique situation. What makes us different is we look past the numbers and into your fears, hopes, aspirations, and goals. This allows us to ensure we cover every aspect of your situation and leave nothing to chance.

Set meaningful and achievable goals

This doesn’t mean just getting a great rate and settling the loan on time. It means mitigating all and any possible situations that may arise during this transaction to ensure a smooth process to achieving your optimal financial outcome. We can also help in building your team of professionals and managing the time lines and expectations. (Real Estate, Solicitor, Building Inspector, Valuer and other professionals involved in your transaction) Add to this we also help prepare for your logical next steps – Banking, Insurances, Accounting and any other services you may require to help achieve your optimal financial outcome.

Educate and Empower

Your Mortgage Broker will take the time to educate you on all aspects related to the transaction. At the end of this, you will be more than capable of doing the work yourself, which in turn empowers you to make an informed and educated decision.


After the research has been done Your “Mortgage Broker” will come back and recommend a solution that is tailor-made to suit your individual needs. A great Mortgage Broker makes this crystal clear and the selection process becomes simple. At this stage, we may also recommend other professionals to assist with the transaction.


Your Mortgage Broker will do all the paperwork for you and ensure all time lines are met. This allows you to concentrate on the more personal aspects of life.

Ongoing Review

It’s not enough to complete the transaction. Your Mortgage broker will be with you for the life of the loan to ensure you are on track to achieve your financial goals and are always kept up to date with the latest changes in the Mortgage Market. 

In addition, “Find My Broker” will be in constant touch with the Mortgage Broker to ensure the above process is adhered to and your Optimal Financial Outcome is achieved.


What People Are Saying


Really excellent service. Peter really took a lot of stress off getting my first home loan. Would definitely recommend.


Peter has been an integral part in helping me buy my first home which can be very daunting. His guidance has been invaluable and was able to explain the process in a way that I could understand and champion my cause. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.


Peter found us a great rate, listened to our needs and was responsive throughout the process, including when he was on holiday. Would definitely recommend.


Great Service from start to finish definitely recommend.


Peter has been very easy to deal with. He’s friendly, approachable and very professional. He has a wealth of knowledge about mortgage broking and finance. I’d have no hesitation in recommending XS Finance to anyone looking for a mortgage broker.


Excellent broker who is very personable, extremely helpful, goes out of his way, really knows his stuff and gets the result in a timely fashion.

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