About Us

Our unique 5 point qualification process ensures you are dealing with only great Mortgage Brokers.

Our 5-Point Plan

Ensures Our Brokers are Great Brokers

Client References

We talk to 5 current clients ensuring our Mortgage Brokers give amazing customer service and help their clients achieve their financial goals. Focusing on our 4 key points:

  1. Did the Mortgage Broker have your best interest at heart and not theirs?
  2. Did the Mortgage Broker act and present professionally on all interactions?
  3. Did the Mortgage Broker negotiate a great rate on your behalf?
  4. Was the overall process “Stress-Free” and did not distract from your day-to-day life?
  5. Would you recommend this Mortgage Broker to friends and family?

Lender References

Making sure they have great relationships with their lender partners is critical to your experience as a client. This ensures they will have access to off-market interest rate discounts and FAST lender service. Our 2 main points of discussion are:

  1. Does the Mortgage Broker clearly understand your policies and what can and cannot be done?
  2. Does the Mortgage Broker have a record of submitting their loans to you fully completed and within all applicable guidelines?

Compliance Check

We reference check with their aggregator (It’s like a Management Group – but separate to the Mortgage Brokers business) to ensure they are FULLY compliant and have a clean record. This ensures the Mortgage Broker is ethical and works within the boundaries on ASIC and other related parties.

Quality Assurance

As we know, all the references and training in the world won’t guarantee successful outcomes so to compliment this, we have put our Mortgage Brokers through a series of tests with clients from other parts of our business. By doing this we ensure our Mortgage Brokers know what is expected of them prior to approving their application.

Customer Follow-Up

Most businesses will go through good and poor service cycles at some stage. To counter this we conduct periodical customer surveying to ensure exceptional service and outcomes are consistently and purposefully delivered to you.

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