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Finding a Mortgage Broker that will take the time to understand your situation, cut the BS and deliver your optimal financial outcome is hard to do. But not anymore…
We Want You as a Client For Life

The “Find My Broker” Client Process:

Our process of ensuring you are well looked after is thorough, yet simple and non-intrusive. Our unique 3 step process will ensure you receive outstanding service from your Mortgage Broker. All our Mortgage Brokers are “handpicked” are independent of “Find My Broker” and run their own business.

Analyse Your Situation and Select the Right Mortgage Broker

It is critical we gain a full understanding of what you are looking to achieve so we can confidently place you with the right Mortgage Broker. Each of our Mortgage Brokers works within a niche (First Home Buyers, Refinancing, First time and professional property investors and more) which allows us to recommend a Mortgage broker that has “seen the situation before”. There is no doubt that getting the right Mortgage Broker the first time saves you time, money and stress, along with getting your “optimal financial outcome”

Monitor and Manage the Workflow

Managing the workflow is critical to ensure all timelines are met and your experience is completely stress-free. It’s not a difficult thing to do but it is time-consuming and to the Client, quite distracting. Acting on your behalf to ensure the job gets done right is what we do best. This is why Find My Broker is so popular with our clients and referrers.

Periodical Surveys

You will hear from us periodically to ensure your Broker is working for you over the long term. Along with this we ensure you receive regular industry updates and are kept abreast of any industry changes that may affect you.
We’re There For You.
Our Client Services Manager will be on hand 24/7 to assist with any queries you may have. Our mission is to apply the Highest Standards for you and we’re determined to make this happen 100% of the time.

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